A walking based art residency on Pictou Island, Nova Scotia, July 25-31, 2014, as photographed by Katherine Knight.

In July 2014, curator Eryn Foster organized an artist residency on Pictou Island, Nova Scotia, to explore the theme of portage in relation to walking based approaches to art. Foster invited six artists to share a base camp, meals, and walks. Each day, alone or collectively, they set out to walk the single road that bisects tiny Pictou Island. The project’s focus was not on outcomes and exhibitions but on the experience of walking, observing, and interacting with people and place. The art that was made was experiential, performative and shared by whomever else was on the road.

Here is a photographic trace of the walks and the projects undertaken by Aimée Henny Brown, Barbara Lounder, Sheilah Wilson, Ursula Johnson, Douglas Smarch and Michael Waterman as documented by Expedition Photographer, Katherine Knight.

The Pictou Island Portage and Residency was supported by team that included the Eryn Foster (Organizer/Curator,) Katherine Knight (Expedition Photographer,) Sarah Burwash (Expedition Artist,) Mary Macdonald (Expedition Writer,) and Elizabeth Johnson (Intern.)