“All systems of navigation answer the question, “Where am I?” in fundamentally the same way.” (Cognition in the Wind, Edwin Hutchins) In May 02, I traveled along the Saint Lawrence from Sorel to Havre Saint Pierre as guest of the Captain on the Freighter "Ferbec." Throughout, I watched as the Pilot called position at close intervals. From departure to destination, position was determined relative to known geographical locations. Someone was always awake, watching and adjusting according to information received. Navigation determines position relative to known geographical locations. In "Cognition in the Wild", Edwin Hutchins explores communication and cognition as it applies to navigation. He documents navigation as a process of acquiring, verifying and implementing knowledge with the goal of affecting the required movement. Navigators see geography as quantifiable and factual while I am in the habit of seeing geography as a subjective landscape that is experiential. In this regard navigation presents an appropriate metaphor for living.