47 minute film directed by Katherine Knight.

In 2006 Artist Colette Urban moved permanently to the west coast of Newfoundland after 14 years as a summer resident. In her 2008 performance work, “Belvedere,” Urban metaphorically links the resilient people and barren rock landscape of Newfoundland to the awkwardly majestic elephant. Hiring an elephant draped in a handmade caparisons stitched to mimic landscape, and wearing a replica of her own saltbox house as a headdress, Urban staged a ceremonial ride to honour the idiosyncratic, complex character of her adopted home. Deeply moved by this work, I set out to create a film record of, “Belvedere," and 12 other key performance works from her thirty-year career. Diagnosed suddenly with stage 4 cancer, Urban died just before her first career retrospective in 2013. This film stands as a definitive record and an emotional testament to Urban's courageous vision carving out a distinctive place in the world through her creative practice and connection to a chosen home.